Staying active is not difficult for octogenarian Jerry Saltman

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A LIBRARY VOLUNTEER, he has arranged the many mystery novels that have been donated to the room

By Jane Gilman

Jerry Saltman proves that you can be a renaissance man at any age.When we met with the 86-year-old for a chat, we learned of his busy agenda. Saltman performs with a theater group, he is a weekly volunteer at the Park La Brea library, he’s a voracious reader and he’s been active for many years with the Park La Brea Residents’ Association. A resident of the apartment community since 1990, he lives in the unit that previously was rented by his parents. Their 1953 lease reads $127 for a two-bedroom apartment, he said. When Jerry separated from his wife (who remains his best friend), and the apartment became available, he moved in. As a member of the residents’ group, he volunteers as a on the review panel to hear parking complaints. “We give out tickets when residents park their car in the wrong place. We then review their reasons to see if the tickets are justified.”

He retired as an electronic sales engineer, and had been in weapons systems design.

His only exercise is walking, but his “hobby” is schmoozing with people. “Jerry is a Park La Brea treasure,” said John Burney, the apartment complex’s director of resident services. His energy and stories from a residents’ point of view have been a valuable resource for management.   “He is an ambassador for all residents, and we value his insight and perspective.”

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