1920s Victorian house gets facelift from local architect

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RESTORATION of Victorian-style house on Larchmont Boulevard is nearly complete.

The final touches of a major restoration project are being made this month on a 1920s Victorian-style house on Larchmont Boulevard by Studio AR&D Architects.

For the past year, Sean Lockyer, the principal and lead architect for Studio AR&D, has been working to restore the old house, at 424 N. Larchmont Blvd., from the ground up with the aim of turning the location into his firm’s offices and showroom.

“The building looks fantastic,” Lockyer told the Chronicle last month. “It’s been a lot of work and we had some setbacks with the pandemic, but things are progressing great.”

Pushing the project forward during a pandemic meant that Lockyer had to overcome issues with subcontractors unable to perform and some material shortages. “It definitely slowed things down,” he said.

When asked about the renovation process, Lockyer explained that it was no small task to return the house to its former glory while adding some modern touches: “It is an old house that was moved to this location 100 years ago. It’s definitely re-built now.”

CONSTRUCTION on the house in July 2020 involved rebuilding the foundation.

Perhaps the most eye-catching update to the house’s exterior is the addition of a two-story glass window that opens with a mechanical crank. “It’s a pivot window 18 feet tall and six and-a-half feet wide, with a steel frame,” explained Lockyer. It took some engineering magic to design and install the glass window, which Lockyer said “required a footing the size of a car under the ground.” Further, to obtain city officials’ approval of the engineering and design, Lockyer had to sign a covenant with the city that the giant window will be properly maintained and repaired. “It’s a great way to get fresh air in the office.”

Once complete, Lockyer notes that the house will not “just be an office space,” although it is that. He also wants it to be a place that demonstrates what Studio AR&D can do: “This house has a lot of the finishes that we use in our custom homes,” he said.

With the project nearing completion, Studio AR&D expects to be in the location by the end of May.

Was it worth it? “Absolutely,” said Lockyer.

“This house has a lot of character, which is exactly what we were looking for. Now it is the dichotomy of very old and very contemporary — it’s got both. That makes it interesting to me.”

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