Theme song for Los Angeles to debut to millions

| January 3, 2014 | 5 Comments


Los Angeles radiates in Justin Chart’s YouTube videos, which showcase its purple sunsets, neon Hollywood signs and palm-lined streets.

The Rossmore Ave. resident felt the city “that has enchanted millions around the world” needed a theme song to match its sunny, energetic spirit. So he recorded one, “Los Angeles The Song,” which to date, has four versions that boast more than seven million views on YouTube.

Clips of the Venice boardwalk, downtown vistas and ethnic neighborhoods are featured in the videologues. “Dance Angeles” has an amped up beat and the Latin version includes a band with horns, keyboards and salsa flair. Justin’s 13-year-old daughter, Tali, plays drums.

A fifth video, to be released Jan. 1, includes a rap version. “L.A. Word” features black-and-white images as early as 1850 when the area was the Wild West, says Justin. Photos of orange groves, dirt roads and horse carriages are juxtaposed with fast cars. A prolific musician, he has toured the world. No place comes close to his hometown. “Warm people, warm weather… we have oceans, beaches… There’s nothing like Los Angeles.”

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  1. Rick Caruso says:

    Just saw your latest video, very impressive. Nice to see and heat something positive.
    Keep on doing what you’re doing

  2. Susan says:

    Just saw Los Angeles Voice of The World. Justin Chart that was the most unique video I’ve ever seen. You took us all over the world and back to LA.
    Excellent work, and a great message.

  3. Marquis Gimpel says:

    In a city that’s me me me
    It’s good to see someone who cares about this city and sheds a positive light on it.
    An unselfish artist in hollywood, you’re a good man.

  4. Beth T says:

    Great singer!

  5. Rick Martinez says:

    Just read this article. BRAVO Justin Chart!!!
    Los Angeles Voice of The World is one of the most unique and powerful videos I have ever seen. Keep up the great work. The Mayor should make this an official song
    for Los Angeles and use it for all the tourists that flock here daily.

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