Women share challenges, joys of motherhood

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It’s hard to believe that my oldest daughter will turn 10 this June. Not only does this mark a special milestone for her—reaching double digits—it represents a milestone for me as well: 10 years as a mother!

At times I feel fairly confident in my parenting skills but in certain moments I feel clueless about the best ways to guide the precious little people who depend on me. Nothing can truly prepare you for the experience of being a mom—you had no idea that your heart could hold that much love for another being and you never knew you could worry so much either.

Dads have their crucial role in parenting too. But nothing can replace what we moms do for our children. Being a mother is like having your heart walking around on the outside of your body at all times. I asked my mom friends “what is the best thing about being a mom? What is the toughest thing?”

Jesyca Durchin-Schnepp: As a mom, I find being so needed by a child an amazing thing. But I also find that being so needed is also the most difficult part. Helen Thompson: One wonderful thing is the sound of Carys’ laugh. There is nothing better in the world. The one tough thing is working full- time. My job is rewarding but there is no shaking the overhang of missing Carys. It’s not even that she misses me: it’s often that I miss her.

Rose Huber: My favorite part is you get to experience childhood again. The toughest thing is managing my time at work so I can maximize the time with my children and husband. Alyssa Weber: The best part of being a mom is hearing my boys say “I love you” without having said it first. The hardest part is learning to let go.
Rachel Capata: The best part is finally being the person who gets to say “because I SAID SO, that’s why!” The toughest thing is cleaning up nighttime barf. Why must it always be in the middle of the night?

Dina Phillips: I would always sit at their bedside after they had fallen asleep and my thought was that when they are sleeping, they are such beautiful, sweet angels, that anything they did during the day, no matter how awful, was just swept away. I always ended the day with that image of them in my mind. The hardest thing thus far: sitting in the passenger seat when they drove for the first time!

Tina Atmadjian: The best thing about being a mom is the unconditional love that children have for their mom—even after I get mad at them, they still come up to hug and kiss me! The toughest part is how you somehow always put yourself second; your children always come first.

For me, the best part of being a mother is seeing the world through my children’s eyes: their joy, their innocence and the complete trust they have in you. The hardest part is watching them get hurt and wishing it could be me instead of them.

Moms, keep doing what you do. You are amazing! Happy Mothers Day!


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