Larchmont Village and La Brea-Hancock residents cheer Planning Dept.

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DEPT. OF CITY PLANNING open house and public hearing at Claude Pepper Senior Center in August.

DEPT. OF CITY PLANNING open house and public hearing at Claude Pepper Senior Center in August.

If there were one theme that predominated at the recent Dept. of City Planning open house and public hearing regarding several residential neighborhoods, including Larchmont Village and La Brea-Hancock, it was constituent appreciation for the inclusive work and effective outreach of the city planning staff.

At the Claude Pepper Senior Center on La Cienega Blvd. at the end of August, speakers complimented staff planners for their conscientious work with the community and the creative options that the staff has produced.

The city is developing new single-family zones (called R1 Variation Zones) to restrict the amount of construction on single-family lots. These new zones are being proposed to address the effects of “McMansion” construction in neighborhoods. The city is drafting rules for these tailored R1 zones concurrently with its ongoing updating of the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance.

The proposed new zones will provide specialized zoning regulations to replace the Interim Control Ordinances that are due to expire in March 2017 and June of 2018.

At the Pepper Center, the hearing officer took note of each speaker’s preferences for alternative rules concerning where should be the mass of any new construction — in the front or rear of a structure. Also, what should be the impacts of having a rear detached garage versus a garage that is part of the front of a house?

The public’s testimony is being incorporated into a staff recommendation that tentatively will be heard by the City Planning Commission on Thurs., Oct. 13. Visit

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