Trimming of Larchmont Village trees completed

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CHAINSAWS wielded by tree trimmers thinned out Larchmont trees in January.

In January, private tree trimmers hired by the Larchmont Village Business Improvement District (LVBID) completed the annual trimming of the trees, mostly large and mostly ficus, in the main block of Larchmont Village, between First Street and Beverly Boulevard. In just several days, large crews, including chainsaw artists in four tall cherry picker lifts operating simultaneously on four trees at a time, cleaned out extra branches on the big trees.

Heather Duffy Boylston, LVBID’s co-executive director and director of public relations and marketing, explained she heard much positive feedback last year from neighbors who approved of 2017’s similar selective trimming, as opposed to giving the trees “lollypop” trims only around their extremities. The resulting attractiveness of the more carefully trimmed trees can be seen in the accompanying photographs, with one photo from early January, just before the 2018 trimming, and the other photo being from after the big job was completed.

Rite-Aid lot resurfacing

In other LVBID news, Duffy reports that patrons of the City parking structure adjacent to Rite-Aid will see some work underway. The project to resurface the upper, outdoor parking area will take approximately four weeks to complete. “Only that top level will be 100 percent closed,” says Hank Marsh, project manager for Prime Waterproofing & Roofing. He says that visitors will have access to the lower levels during the project.

Marsh adds: “The main section of the parking surface will be worked on until complete. This will be blocked off by us using cones and red fencing along the driveway access into the subterranean garage.

“The drive-through ramp into the garage will only be scraped and bead-blasted by [a concrete preparation company] on Sundays only. We will work aggressively to finish as quickly as possible but the schedule is subject to change.”

“BEFORE” PHOTO shows the canopies of the Larchmont Vil-lage trees in early January, prior to their 2018 trimming.

“AFTER” PHOTO was taken when the January, 2018, tree-trimming work was nearly complete.


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