Trees fall, streets flood, in heavy storms

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City clean-up crews respond quickly


FALLING tree and utility pole struck a car as it entered the intersection of Larchmont and Third Street. No one was injured in the incident. Photo by Vivian Gueler

Local streets and sidewalks were flooded during the downpours of mid-January, toppling trees and spreading debris. Crews from the city Public Works and Recreation and Parks departments reacted quickly, cleaning up most of the impacted areas by the next day, before new storms arrived.

A mature pine tree fell, pulling down an adjacent utility pole by the pole’s wires, both crashing on top of a car as the driver entered the intersection at Larchmont Boulevard on Third Street on Jan. 9. No one was hurt in the incident. Recent pruning of the storm drain-adjacent pine tree’s roots for construction of a handicapped-accessible curb may have led to root rot, which could have destabilized the tree.

DOWNED TREE in Harold A. Henry Park was a victim of the mid-January storms.

During the same storm, an old-growth tree toppled over at Harold Henry Park in Windsor Village, luckily not injuring anyone in its path. City clean-up crews responded by the next morning, making the park safe again for visitors.

As usually happens in such winter rains, various intersections in and around Hancock Park were flooded temporarily.

THE NEXT MORNING, the downed tree was removed by the city by 10 a.m. Photos by Casey Russell


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