These young athletes are thankful on this Father’s Day

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LOYOLA freshman Brighton Wegg with his dad, Johnny Patisaul.

I was one of those fortunate kids who never wondered where his dad was. He didn’t belong to clubs, wasn’t in a bowling league, and never played poker with the guys at night. Our family was his interest.
My dad forged memories. He took me hiking in Virginia on the Appalachian Trail for a week. One summer we built a small barn on our property from an old billboard that had been torn down. But my favorite memories are of him coaching me from the mat’s corner at wrestling tournaments. He was a prime example that encouragement adjusts better than reprimands when parenting.

Johnny Patisaul’s son Brighton is a freshman at Loyola High School. Johnny’s favorite memory of his own father is from when he himself was 6. His dad was a skateboarder and would take Johnny along to skate parks where he and his friends launched from 12-foot vertical ramps.

“I’d sit there with my donut and chocolate milk, my feet dangling over the coping, and just watch them in awe,” says Johnny.

His son Brighton ran cross country for Loyola this fall.

“During the start of last semester, my dad wanted me to try a sport, and cross country was no-cut for freshmen,” said Brighton. “Running has clicked with me since then.”

Brighton now is on the Loyola track team and runs the long-distance races.

“I thank my dad for giving me a strong work ethic and for being there when others weren’t,” says Brighton. “I would not be who I am without my dad in my life.”

DAUGHTERS Faith and Alyson Kim with dad Steven.

Kim Sisters
Steven Kim competed in track for John Marshall High School and was the 100-meter league champion.

“I was a 5’7” Korean teenager, and I beat all those kids who were taller and stronger.”

Kim’s own daughters are also accomplished athletes. Faith is an eighth grader at GALA (Girls Academic Leadership Academy) and competes in Goldie’s All-Girls Basketball League. Faith’s little sister Alyson is a fifth grader at Larchmont Charter and rides horses at TES (Traditional Equitation School). She also played volleyball for Larchmont this fall. The sisters compete in the Starlings COLA (City of LA) Volleyball Club, and both mentioned that their favorite memory of their dad is practicing basketball with him late into the night in their driveway.

“I would like to thank my ahpah (Korean for dad) for all the time he’s dedicated toward my life on and off the courts,” says Faith. “He’s practiced basketball and volleyball with me countless hours after he got back from his office. He is the most amazing best friend and father.”

“Thank you ahpah for always supporting me,” adds Alyson.

SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS Jonathan Palmer and his son Quinton.

Jonathan Palmer’s son Quinton is a senior at Loyola High School and is in the school’s mountain bike club. He joined when a friend convinced him to give it a try.

“I wasn’t fully on the bandwagon until I saw pictures of the club on beautiful mountaintops. It’s hiking and biking combined, so what’s not to like?”

Quinton’s favorite memory of his father is when they attended the 2012 MLS (Major League Soccer) Cup, and the home team, Galaxy, won.

“I still have the commemorative ring.”

Quinton’s father remembers watching his son at a mountain bike race in Temecula on an extremely challenging course called Vail Lake that was plagued with hills.

“He got his best time there,” said Palmer. “It was amazing.”

“I’d like to thank my dad for letting me try so many different sports,” says Quinton. “Cycling might be my forte now, but I was able to try soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball and more. He really fostered my appreciation and love for sports.”

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