Street improvements abound in the Larchmont area

| September 1, 2022 | 0 Comments

IMPROVED CROSSWALK with new striping is being installed at Larchmont Boulevard looking west down Clinton Street.

As many in the neighborhood have noticed, some streets are being repaved, or more officially, getting “asphalt slurry seal application.” If you live in the Hancock Park, Windsor Square or Larchmont Village area and haven’t gotten a notice from the city about this project, you soon will.

Seeing work done on streets in good shape has prompted many to ask, “Why are these streets getting attention while other streets, like Beverly Boulevard and Third Street with crater-sized potholes making it dangerous to drive, aren’t?”

Asphalt slurry, as Councilman Mitch O’Farrell’s office explained, is similar to a topcoat of nail polish. This scheduled maintenance, which is dictated by the Bureau of Street Services, is done every five to seven years to keep the roadways in good driving condition and extend the road’s life. Although residents of each street need to move their car off the street for one day, it’s a minor inconvenience for necessary upkeep. O’Farrell’s office has received many thank yous for this work.

Resurfacing, a different and more involved procedure than slurry, is what is needed on Third Street and Beverly Boulevard. Resurfacing deals with curbs, gutters, the crown of the street — which is the shape of the road surface — and grading the street afterwards. It also requires coordinating between many utilities such as gas, cable, phone and private construction projects. O’Farrell’s office is responding to numerous requests to remove the lumps, bumps and pot holes on Third and Beverly and hopes to get these thoroughfares scheduled for resurfacing soon.

Other street modifications that O’Farrell’s office has pushed through include a more clearly defined crosswalk at the intersection of Larchmont Boulevard and Council Street just in time for school. And a few months ago, at Van Ness Avenue and Third Street, a pedestrian activated crosswalk was installed.

Councilman O’Farrell is a member of the Public Works Committee for the Los Angeles City Council and is involved in public works projects throughout his district.

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