Stiles O. Clements was an important figure in Art Deco movement

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AMONG Stiles O. Clements' clients were Will Rogers.

AMONG Stiles O. Clements’ clients were Will Rogers.

Stiles O. Clements, who designed the Pasadena Showcase House, was a prominent Southern California architect for 50 years. He studied architecture at the Drexel Institute in Philadelphia, and took further studies at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.

He came to Los Angeles in 1911 and joined the Los Angeles office of Morgan, Walls & Morgan as a designer in 1917.  In 1923, he became a partner in the firm whose name was changed to Morgan, Walls & Clements. Clements opened up his own firm, Stiles O. Clements and Associates, in 1937. In 1955, he formed Clements & Clements, a partnership with his son Robert.

Clements was a key figure in the 1920s Art Deco movement and in the 1930s Streamline Modern style.

Among his notable buildings are: the Richfield Oil Building in downtown Los Angeles, the Hollywood Park clubhouse, Jefferson High School, and the Mayan Theatre.

Clements also designed historic motifs and revivalism styles, such as the Spanish revival Adamson House in Malibu and the Mesopotamian revival Sampson Tire & Rubber Company (now the Citadel). Will Rogers and A.P. Giannini were among his clients.

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