Skiing — it is a COVID-19-era safe sport, and lots of fun

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1960 WINTER OLYMPICS took place at Tahoe Palisades (then Squaw Valley). Shown in 2022 are Ella, Alan and Kayla Wolovitch.

Well, it’s winter and for my family that means it’s time to ski! The best season of the year. And believe it or not, skiing is a wonderful and safe COVID-19-era activity. Aside from lift lines, if you’re within six feet of someone while you’re skiing you have more to worry about than the virus.

Our usual spot is Mammoth, but this season we decided to mix it up and head to a new resort for us — Palisades Tahoe (formerly Squaw Valley), and Alpine Meadows. Palisades Tahoe was home to the Winter Olympics in 1960, and there is still evidence of the presence of the games.

COVID-19 has certainly thwarted many vacation plans. Traveling for a long weekend last month was liberating and, not to overlook, tons of fun. We also learned that other areas of California aren’t as COVID-paranoid as our part of the City of Angels.

SKIERS Kayla and Ella Wolovitch of Ridgewood-Wilton on an empty slope at Palisades Tahoe in January.

We flew, rented a car and headed to the village, where all the condos were sold out. Luckily we had reservations. Nothing stops a skier from indulging in this crazy sport.

We met up with family friends from Marin. The seven of us skied three glorious days. The lift lines were a little long, but not too terrible.

Clean, cool, crisp mountain air, tall pine trees and no traffic were all welcome sensory changes. And the mountaintop views of Lake Tahoe and its surrounding mountains were absolutely spectacular, breathtaking.

SIERRA NEVADA MOUNTAINS reflect in Lake Tahoe in photo from the top of Palisades Tahoe at Alpine Meadows Ski Resort.

Although there might be some apprehension about traveling right now, I recommend it. It was business as usual with a mask. It’s also great getting out of Los Angeles and letting COVID-19 know who’s the boss. So, as Nike says, “Just do it.”

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