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SUMMERTIME’S FAVORITE beverage is being sold on driveways and lawns throughout the neighborhood. Above: Miles Lehrman, Ever Feeney and Theo Lehrman.

It wouldn’t be summer without lemonade, and Larchmont area kids are setting up stands around town. But this year’s crop of curbside kid businesses is raising money for more than pocket cash. On Bronson Avenue, Micah Epstein, 9, and Jack Barringer, 7, set up shop to raise money for Moms Demand Action and gun violence awareness. Even the sanitation workers and delivery people joined in!

Ever Feeney, along with Miles and Theo Lehrman, raised money for victims of the war in Ukraine. (Note the Ukrainian flag in the tip jar!) They raised almost $200.

Tria Russell, 8, was visited by Larchmont Chronicle publisher John Welborne at her “First Day of Summer” lemonade stand. Lemons picked from a neighbor’s tree made for freshly-squeezed local yumminess! Tria also sold homemade chocolate chip cookies, lemon bars and chocolate chia seed pudding. Her goal? Raise money to help her parents pay for her horseback riding lessons, save for a horse of her own (she’s been saving since age three) and earn a little spending money.

LEMONADE customer John Welborne thanks young entrepreneur Tria Russell.

As August temperatures climb, expect to find more lemonade stands popping up around the neighborhood. And if you do happen upon a hopeful face and a hand-drawn sign, consider stopping by for a sweet, cool drink. These kids are working hard and making a difference. Let’s raise a lemony toast to them!

TRUCK DRIVER buys a cool drink from Jack Barringer.



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