Police storm Larchmont area pot shop, close street

| March 4, 2020 | 0 Comments

Guns drawn, police surrounded a local cannabis business Feb. 23 around 4 p.m. demanding that the inhabitants “come out with your hands up” while at least seven parked police cars shut down traffic on Melrose Avenue.

GUNS DRAWN, police surround local cannabis business last month, demanding that those inside “come out with your hands up,” while police cars block traffic on Melrose Avenue.

When patrons and employees failed to heed police demands, officers stormed “Melrose Place 25 Cap,” located at 5635 Melrose Ave. at the intersection of Larchmont Boulevard. The officers escorted out seven people, lining them up against a chain-link fence with their hands up. Other police officers already had four men handcuffed next to a police cruiser nearby. There were 14 officers on scene, at one point.

After some time, it appeared from an eyewitness account that all 11 people were released without arrest. The Chronicle subsequently was unable to confirm any details with the LAPD Media Relations Division. According to Officer Norma Eisenman, information on the incident was not available from the Hollywood Division.

CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES appear to comprise the people escorted out of the pot shop at gunpoint.

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