Pets of Larchmont: Meet elegant Bogart, fun-loving Remy and so many more

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Here they are again! Larchmont’s favorite pets. Many enjoy regular visits to Tailwaggers on Larchmont, as well as other shops, for treats.  See photos of all the Pets of Larchmont in the July issue of the Larchmont Chronicle, Section 1, pages 10 to 14.


Royal Beto, a Cavalier King Charles, lives with Michelle and Jenny Shimizu on North Arden Blvd.

Hawthorne “Bob” Banson, 3, is a husky/terrier mix who loves taking walks (especially to Tailwaggers) and diving for balls at the beach. He is a world cheese connoisseur, Jerica Banson and Riley Berkebile, of Wilton Place, tell us.


Frasier, “the sweetest cat with the most calm and happy disposition, loves people and his mouse toy!” Jamie Gordon Stenholm and Erik Stenholm, of North Rossmore Avenue, tell us.

Pablo stands tall with Seth Kaplan and Moira Kelly, of North Gower Street.

Tiger Lilly lives on Beachwood Drive with Beth and Kent Valandra.

Buddy, a sheepadoodle, enjoys the good life with Linda and Ron Marks on South June Street.

“Wonderful” Charlie loves walking down Larchmont every day, grabbing coffee at Go Get ’Em Tiger, stopping for a treat at Tailwaggers, and enjoying the great outdoors, Morgan and Jeff Kaye of Norton Avenue tell us.

Remy has energy to burn. He lives on Westminster Avenue, where he has fun with Monica Chritton and Kyle Epstein.

Darling Pucci is still spry and super active, Steven Steinman and Doris Berger, of North Las Palmas Avenue, tell us.

Al supervises the other cats and also the humans on North Gower, Joshua Tompkins and Annissa Lui tell us.

Carl enjoys his Miracle Mile neighborhood with Meghan Bernstein, who works at Marlborough School.

Ruddy and Penny

Ruddy and Penny get around with Troy Zien and Gabby Lane of North Cherokee Avenue.

Jackie Gonzalez’s “little baguette,” long-haired dachshund Desmond, is a proud resident of South Sycamore Avenue.


Finn and Eloise relax with Liliana Lopez on South Citrus Avenue.

Murphy is not just a good boy, but a love,” Max Terr tells us. “He is always excited to see the people he cares about.” He was adopted by the Hoyer / Terr family on Ridgewood Wilton last year.

Rescue pup Chief lives on North Beachwood Drive with Kelly Skipper.

Cleo stays with Alex Morrison on North Las Palmas Avenue.

Rob and Carlos are the proud parents of Gordissimo “Gordo” (a.k.a. the Mayor of Larchmont)!  They all live on South Lucerne Boulevard.

Bogart adds elegance to Chris and Cheryl Augustine’s home on Elmwood Avenue.

Matisse is a full-of-life 10-month-old Havanese. When he isn’t walking the neighborhood with his best buddies, he is hanging out on Larchmont,” Adrienne and Stephen Cole, on Beachwood Drive, tell us.

A trio of fun, Franklin, Emmet and Oscar live on South Arden Boulevard with Peter Golden and Ty Williams.

Canela, 6, is a malamute/ husky mix who lives with Luis and Sabrina Sakay on Maplewood Avenue.

Elton John (a black labradoodle) and Shepherd Rose (a shepherd mix) enjoy life on North Plymouth Boulevard with David Strah and Brad Brefeld.

“My gorgeous Sophie is nearly 5 and continues to be the center of my world,” Susan Goodman, of Plymouth Boulevard, tells us.

Fritz is the new pal of Brian and Stephanie Morehouse on South Bronson Avenue.


Daisy stands proud in her Wilton Drive neighborhood with Neil and Beate McDermott. The standard poodle is 3 1/2.


Precious Maltese Melrose, 11, “loves walking around the neighborhood with our family,” Danielle Rago, of North Plymouth Boulevard, tells us, with Darren Hochberg and kids Oliver, 4, and Julian, 1 1/2.

Nova, 3, is a rescue from the Palmdale shelter.  She loves her friend Bucky on North Plymouth, the occasional banana treat and — when I’m careless ­— my lip balm,” Lorna Duyn says.

Muddy lives on North Rossmore Avenue with Mark Gold. His friend Cassidy, a golden, often visits.

Cody, Methos and Bucky of North Gower Street always celebrate the Pets of Larchmont, R. Adrian Alix tells us.

An adorable rescue, Rocket, works in the Larchmont Chronicle office building. Her feline brother, Chewy, prefers to lounge at home on Bronson and Clinton, Philip Ramos tells us.

Kokomo’s name is inspired by the Beach Boys song, Eugene Ahtirski tells us of his Boston terrier. They reside on Larchmont Boulevard.

Audrey and Willie reside on La Vista Court in Larchmont. “Willie and I have made it a tradition to stroll through the Village daily for the past 12 years,” Michael Soriano tells us. “Our walks have not only kept us healthy, but have also fostered numerous friendships along the way, adding a delightful layer of warmth to our routine.”

Julia Lin and Calvin Larson, of Norton Avenue, also take walks to Larchmont. They bring Minerva “to get ice cream at Bacio di Latte, coffee at Bricks & Scones and especially a nice visit to Topo Designs!”

Instagram star Miles lives with Lynn Chen and Abe Forman-Greenwald on Bronson Avenue.

Luna, a miniature pinscher, serves as Chief of Security at the California Center for Psychedelic Therapy on Larchmont Boulevard, Brooke Balliett tells us. “We love spending every day in Larchmont and can be seen often walking up and down the Boulevard or surrounding streets.”

Felines Stanley and Stella enjoy the sunlight on Beachwood Drive with Melanie and Ron Mulligan.

Francis and Kramer are best buddies, Kathleen Losey of Norton Avenue, tells us.

You can see Butsi strolling through Larchmont Village throughout the week, Myra Batac tells us of her pug. “Although she might use her big buggy eyes to persuade passersby for a sweet treat, her enthusiastic greetings are almost always out of her genuine love for people and making their days.”


Cooper has a ball on North Lucerne Blvd., Sheyna Smith tells us.


Plato and Theo live with the Botnicks on South Windsor Boulevard.

Desmond enjoys life on North Lucerne, Rachel Marmor tells us.

New best friends to their seven-month-old son, Luke, are Willett and Orbie, Gabriela Lopez Stahl and Tyler Stahl of North Arden Blvd. tell us.

Toby and Petunia grace the O’Rourke family home in the Larchmont Village neighborhood.

Phoebe lives with the Smith family on North Beachwood Drive.

Chappy, a sweet goldendoodle, is adored by the Rubinson family in Brookside.

And, there you have this year’s Pets of Larchmont. Thanks to everyone for sharing photos of their very best friends!

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