Our pets enjoy kisses, walks on Larchmont and dressing up

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SALLY, “THE KISSER,” is in, top and next to her namesake; Holly is resting below the wall at her Windsor Square home.

We asked neighbors to send photos of their best furry friends for our annual Pets of Larchmont issue. And they did not disappoint!

There’s Cowboy, a friendly Aussie-koolie, who’s “as cute as he is handsome,” and Rita, who is enjoying the good life after living on the streets of Mexico.

Sally, a yellow 1-year-old Labrador, likes to kiss her new Windsor Square neighbor, Holly, a ginger mini-goldendoodle who turns 2 this month.

So Laura Juncker, a painter and owner of the goldendoodle, got an idea.

“We moved in a few months ago … and I made a Charlie Brown-style kissing booth with some of our leftover cardboard from the move and painted this for Sally, who is named after the classic Peanuts character,” explains Laura.

“Both Holly and Sally like to peek over and play when they can. Both girls love kisses and treats,” she adds.

And, at 5 cents each, who resist “Sensational Kisses,” as the sign reads.

In Windsor Square, Bruno is a devoted reader of the Chronicle, Andy Goodman and Carolyn Ramsay tell us.

The pug lives with his human companions on Norton Avenue “and, as you can see by the look on his face, all he wants to know is when you’re going to play with him,” Goodman adds.

“Oreo is 15, believe it or not!” say Matt and Lia Young of their youthful looking black-and-white feline. “Her favorite thing to do is smell flowers, but playing video games is a close second,” adds Matt, who lives near Harold Henry Park.

Alistair, an orange-colored cat, is a talkative and energetic three-year-old rescue from Best Friends with “one eye, zero problems,” Corey Barger, Rossmore Avenue, tells us.

Stanley and Stella enjoy each other’s company at home on Beachwood in Windsor Square, say Ron and Melanie Mulligan.

Reggie, of S. Norton Avenue, enjoys looking for squirrels at Robert L. Burns Park, Andrea Romero tells us. However, “Larchmont is his favorite block to walk on because of potentially dropped snacks!!”

Another dog who likes to stroll the Boulevard is Willie. “He has many friends there, and we walk it every day — sometimes twice!” says Michael Soriano, who lives on Van Ness Avenue and Clinton Street.

“Willie loves to sit out in front of Groundwork and watch all the dogs and people walk by.” His favorite store, though, is the newly opened Tailwaggers. “The people that work there are so nice and give him treats. The owner, Todd Warner, will always fall to his knees so Willie can lick his face.  It’s quite a sight.”

Jon Dubrick lives with his wife Phoebe and two dogs on Rossmore. “The black dog is Charlie, and I can never pick just one [photo] of Buddy,” says John.

“We’re in Larchmont every week,” says Matt Tenggren, who is pictured with Max, his 10 year-old dog, trying out their new inflatable stand-up paddle board in Marina del Rey. When not on Larchmont or the Marina, they are at home in Miracle Mile.

“Sofia got hit by a car in December near her home on Beverly and Gower (where we live) but has fully recovered and is better than ever,” Paul Nankivell tells us. She enjoys walks with Paul and Candice in Hancock Park and walking up and down Larchmont Boulevard.

“Where has the time gone?” asks Susie Goodman. “We are on Quarantine Day 450. Our gorgeous Puppy Sophie is now 20 months old and enjoys being the center of attention all day every day.

“As you know, most of Puppy Sophie’s life has been spent in quarantine at home, but she has continued to enjoy walking around our neighborhood adhering to social distancing guidelines and meeting local humans and hounds.

“Puppy Sophie makes everyday wonderful and eventful,” adds Goodman, of S. Plymouth Boulevard for 48 years.

When Beau, a 13-year-old Havanese of Windsor Square, isn’t walking with his best buddies in the hood, Puppy Sophie and Baguette, he is walking along Larchmont Boulevard, Adrienne and Stephen Cole on Beachwood Drive tell us. “His new favorite spot is Tailwaggers pet store where he gets treats, great toys, leashes and more. He loves to hang out with his parents at Peet’s Coffee so he can sniff out new friends.” 

Brian Choynake and Jeff Bryan take turns walking their dogs Shady and Rudy early mornings and late afternoons in their Beachwood Drive neighborhood of eight years. “We have met numerous other pets and their owners,” Brian tells us.

Robin Jameson says her two Dobermans, Sonny, 1-1/2 years, and Josie, 11 years young, and Blink, 12, “the boss cat … thankfully, get along.” They live on South Lucerne Boulevard.

Rita, short for Señorita, was rescued recently from the streets of Mexico and now enjoys Larchmont on her daily walks, says Grace Suh of First and Wilton.

Sully, a black satin cat, plays with Lamb Chop, a toy Patrick Marks of N. Rossmore Avenue picked up for her recently at Tailwaggers.

Max is a French bulldog extraordinaire, say Anne McAlllister and daughter Carina, who is a Third Street Elementary Student. They live in Miracle Mile North.

In Fremont Place, Miss Rosie Cheeks, a one-year-old brown-patched torbie Maine coon, enjoys playing in running water, tipping over her water bowl and splashing in the toilet, Julia Dalton tells us.

“Maine coons are an active breed,” she explains.  “Rosie keeps the Daltons constantly entertained with her playful antics!”

At 15, George is a “super-chill tabby mix,” with a sense of humor and a love of dress-up, Allex Macormick Marx and daughter Charli tell us.

Cowboy, his brother in animal spirit, “is as sweet as he is handsome!”

The 3½-year-old Cowboy is an Aussie-koolie mix. (“German immigrants to Australia pronounced collie ‘koolie,’ and so it came to be,” says Macormick.)

“[Cowboy] loves being the ‘unofficial’ mayor of Larchmont and getting treats from all the friendly shops and special treats like ‘puppacino’ from Starbucks or a ‘pup patty”’ from Burger Lounge!”

“Our family wouldn’t be complete without these two, and we feel blessed that they chose us!” adds Allex Macormick.


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