On the Boulevard: Family Fair update, and changes afoot

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CHANGES on the Boulevard include a new shoe store, Rothy’s.

100 years!

Excitement mounts as our local community prepares to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Larchmont Boulevard shopping district. Special activities are planned for Sun., Oct. 24. More on that in a bit.

In the meantime, as has been happening for the past 100 years, there are changes afoot in the approximately 78 tenant spaces in the 24 commercial buildings comprising the original, one-block shopping district between First Street and Beverly Boulevard.

Since Aug. 25, at Good Goose Café on Beverly, a minor bit of remodeling has been underway in the wake of a fire alarm that brought a half-dozen big red fire engines to the neighborhood that day. Read about it on Page 3.

Further to the south on Larchmont, owners of the new shoe store, Rothy’s, are hard at work completing their interior improvements, and the new restaurant, Great White, is readying to open this month — just two doors down from Rothy’s. Also in the “food service establishment” category, the owner of Uncool Burgers closed that space last month. His takeout-only place, Tacos Tu Madre, will remain on the Boulevard.

The exciting news about the arrival of the Center for Yoga is covered on Page 4. As to the other 22 current tenant vacancies in the block, there is no further news at this time.

Since 1921, Larchmont Boulevard has existed to provide shopping opportunities for the surrounding neighborhoods, and it is likely that the street will do so long into the future. In 2021, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the shopping district, the Larchmont Boulevard Association (LBA) is organizing “Larchmont 100 — A Centennial Celebration.”

No Family Fair this year

The celebration of the Boulevard’s 100th will take place on the day originally planned for the traditional Larchmont Family Fair, October 24, 2021. As was the case last year, Larchmont‘s favorite annual event is the victim of COVID-19. The Fair, which has been an annual mainstay of the community since 1966, will take place again next year, says LBA president John Winther of Coldwell Banker Realty. He says that the LBA board of directors concluded that there has been entirely too much uncertainty this year to plan properly for the familiar, multi-thousand-person street fair, involving about 100 different organizations.

However, in lieu of the 2021 Family Fair, there will be a significant celebratory event that same Sunday.

At a stage to be erected near the flagpole and the Wilshire Rotary Club clock, LBA and community leaders will gather neighbors for a cake cutting and more — details to be announced within several weeks. Also being planned is a sidewalk tree planting for one of the empty spots on the Boulevard, in front of the former Goorin Bros. hat shop. All of the details will be revealed soon, including in the October issue of the Larchmont Chronicle that distributes on September 30. So, stay tuned, and save the date — Sunday, October 24.

Happy anniversary, Larchmont Boulevard!

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