Neighborhood council reaffirms position on Fourth Street lights

| September 2, 2020 | 0 Comments

RIGHT TURN ONLY (unless you are on foot or a bicycle) is forced at La Brea and Rosewood, an example of what was proposed for Fourth and Rossmore and Fourth and Highland.

The Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council (GWNC) once again rejected adding bicycle-friendly (and automobile-unfriendly) traffic controls at two intersections on Fourth St. After a long GWNC board of directors discussion on Aug. 12, the directors spurned their transportation committee’s recommendation to un-do a motion previously adopted by the GWNC in 2011, when the board then concluded that GWNC: “opposes signal lights at the intersections of 4th and Highland and 4th and Rossmore; supports City Councilman LaBonge regarding not removing the existing stop signs at those intersections; and would like to be involved in the traffic planning for those intersections.”

The vote last month was 12 directors not wanting to rescind, six directors in favor of rescinding, and one abstention.

The 2020 debate arose because a majority of GWNC’s transportation committee members had reacted favorably to an October 2019 presentation made to the committee by Michael Schneider, a prominent Los Angeles bicycling advocate and member of the neighboring Mid-City West Community Council.

At the Aug. 12 GWNC board meeting, numerous residents of Hancock Park who live at or near the intersection of Fourth St. and Rossmore Ave. argued that the current proposal was no different from, and no better than, the 2011 concept that had been rejected. They said it would increase congestion on Rossmore and would generate more cut-through traffic on other streets.

Schneider stated during the meeting that a model for what he and others have in mind can be seen at the intersection of Rosewood and La Brea avenues. The Chronicle photographed that installation and includes a photo here.

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