Neighborhood council election day is Sun., April 30

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39 Greater Wilshire candidates are certified

Every two years, local residents, workers or property owners, plus individuals who are a member of, or participate in, a community organization (such as a local business, school, or religious or other nonprofit organization) within the boundaries of our neighborhood council may help elect 21 people to serve as Directors of the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council (GWNC) for the following two years.

The Bylaws of the GWNC provide that people who document their eligibility to vote in specific categories must vote in person at the polling place on election day. This year, that is at The Barking Lot on Larchmont Boulevard on April 30 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

At that time, voters must bring their driver licenses (or other photo ID showing birthday, address) and, if you also are voting for one of the special interest board seats in addition to the geographic area where you live, work or own property, you also must bring some sort of evidence of your participation in that special interest constituency. Therefore, as has been the case since the initial founding of the local neighborhood council in 2001 and the official certification of GWNC in 2003, an individual voter may cast up to two votes.

Although the adopted GWNC Bylaws also provide that there shall be no absentee voting, including but not limited to voting by mail or proxy, the city, as part of its COVID-19 regulating, has allowed vote-by-mail in neighborhood council elections. Information about that is at:

Detailed information about 2023’s GWNC election is at: elections.

Candidate registration has closed, and information about the certified candidates for the GWNC seats is at:

Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council

Candidates for April 30, 2023 Election

Geographic Areas:

    1 — Brookside

    Owen Smith

    2 — Citrus Square

    Jeffry Carpenter

    3 — Country Club     


    Selene Betancourt

    4 — Fremont Place

    Mark McQueen

    5 —Hancock Park

    David Trainer

    Jennifer Devore

    6 — La Brea-Hancock

    Sixto J Sicilia

    7 — Larchmont Village

    Charles D’atri

    Vincent Cox

    8 ­— Melrose


    Craig Au

    Jesseca Harvey

    Jason Wood

    9 — Oakwood-Maple-

    wood- St. Andrews Sq.

    Tess Paige

    Alex Nava

    10 — Ridgewood-Wil-

    ton/St. Andrews Square

    Patricia (Patti) Carroll

    11— Sycamore Square

    Conrad Starr

    12 — Western-Wilton

     (“We-Wil” Neighborhood)


    13 — Wilshire Park

    John Gresham

    14 — Windsor Square

    David Meister

    Gary Gilbert

    15 — Windsor Village

    Bianca Sparks Rojas

    Claire Ortiz

    Julie Kim

Special Interest Categories:


    Lucy Pinkwater

    Cindy Chvatal-Keane

    Diran Yanikian


    Michael Knowles

    Romi Cortier

    John Winther


    Scott Appel

Other Nonprofit

    Mark Alpers

    Brian Curran


    Benjamin Rosenberg

    Suzana Kim

    John Halbert


    Lourdes Gomez

    Tommy Atlee

    Annah Rose Verderame

    Mj Anderson

    John Marchesini


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