Native plants used in new look for traffic triangle

| April 2, 2015 | 0 Comments
COMMUNITY LEADERS Scott Goldstein and Larry Guzin stand next to a newly planted tree at the Norton triangle.

COMMUNITY LEADERS Scott Goldstein and Larry Guzin stand in the renovated Norton triangle.

The Norton triangle, a traffic island on Sixth St., has undergone a landscaping renovation that features plantings that will be self-sufficient once established.

Larry Guzin, president, said the Windsor Square Association board of directors first began planning a renewal of the Norton triangle in 2011. However, the project—which took years to gain the city’s approval—was only made possible thanks to a $24,000 donation by the Windsor Square-Hancock Park Historical Society.

The intersection is a gateway to Windsor Square but was in poor condition, with only a stump and weeds left from an area that used to hold three Liquidambar trees.

The garden was planned by Cheryl Lerner, a nearby resident and landscaper, with help from community leaders Guzin, Scott Goldstein and Helen Hartung.

The newly landscaped triangle features a live oak surrounded by pacific coast hybrid iris, ceanothus yankee point and blue-eyed grass.

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