Mom campaigns for stronger anti-gun laws

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MEMORIAL LIBRARY was site of her first meeting.

MEMORIAL LIBRARY was site of her first meeting.

When Carolyn Brooks heard about the 2014 murders at the UC Santa Barbara, Isle Vista campus, she got angry,

“This could have happened to my son,” she thought.

That news propelled the Brookside resident into researching what could be done to put an end to gun violence.

Her research led to the website,, a nationwide movement seeking stronger gun legislation.

Carolyn organized a meeting on the national day of action on September 10 at Memorial Library to bring awareness of the movement to her friends and neighbors.

“We are contacting elected officials, from mayors, to congressman to senators to demand action,” she said.

An immediate goal is insuring the passage of State Bill 707 which would expand the Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1995 (“GFSZA”) to criminalize the carrying of handguns on school campuses.

“There are many related groups with the same objective; we have a combined total of three million people working on pressuring our officials to do something,” she pointed out.

By day, Carolyn is a vice dean of fellow affairs for the American Film Institute. But in her spare time, she gets the message out and enlists volunteers to do the same.

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