Larchmont Charter’s World Fair returns to Hollygrove campus

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Members of the Larchmont Charter School (LCS) community recently gathered for the post-pandemic return of the school’s World Fair. The beloved fundraising event took place at LCS’s Hollygrove campus last month, and many from the surrounding neighborhoods enjoyed the festivities.

Celebrating the many cultures that are represented at LCS, the World Fair featured a plethora of food offerings, performances, games and crafts. Filipino favorites such as chicken skewers and spring rolls and boba tea from Taiwan were highlights. Many other countries and regions, including but not limited to Korea, Japan, Iran, the Caribbean and Latin America were represented.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS and Larchmont Charter teachers (left to right) Cheryl Himmelstein of Miracle Mile, Julie Johnson of Windsor Square, Betsy Cavalier of Larchmont Village and Daryl Redbone sell “stone” (vegetable) soup along with crafts made by students.

As in years past, a bake sale featured many international treats, including homemade babka.

The edible school yard program at each campus made food and crafts to sell as well including decorated tea towels, herb bundles and handmade tea.

Craft tables offered holiday decoration tutorials and beading. A group of third graders made bracelets and donated some of the proceeds to a charity supporting unhoused youths.

“We are so grateful to have brought back the World Fair to the Hollygrove campus this year,” said event chair Mark Daley Kennedy. “We celebrated with art and food from 15 different cultures that our school represents, and fun was had by all. We look forward to continuing the celebration in 2023.”

NEZAHUALPILU DANCE troupe performs its traditional ethnic Aztec dances for the World Fair. Photos by Nona Sue Friedman

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