‘It was cool,’ says student who interviewed Joe Biden

| July 28, 2015 | 0 Comments
REPORTER Lucas Fuhrer with the Vice President.

REPORTER Lucas Fuhrer with the Vice President.

Although they don’t agree on which baseball team should be in the World Series, they both like dogs.

Lucas Fuhrer discovered this while interviewing Vice President Joe Biden who was in Los Angeles speaking about raising the minimum wage.

Lucas, son of Christian and Christy Fuhrer of Ridgewood Place, will be a seventh grader next month at Beverly Vista School.

He was one of three students selected by KidScoop Media to interview the Vice President, the only press granted an interview during Biden’s visit July 22.

They discussed the increase in minimum wage, baseball and how the Vice President prefers dogs over cats.

Lucas said, “this was an awesome experience, and it was an honor to meet the Vice President of the United States. I wasn’t too happy he wants to see the Yankees in the World Series, because I want the Dodgers. But, that’s okay, because then I found out we are both dog lovers, so that was cool.”

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