Homeless offered housing, temporarily

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BIRD’S-EYE VIEW shows the reconfigured 410 N. Rossmore Ave. building in relation to its neighbors, the El Royale to the north and Country Club Manor to the south.

While waiting for permits for a major remodel of the historic building at 410 N. Rossmore Ave. — across from the Wilshire Country Club — the developer is working with two nonprofit organizations to offer housing to people who are currently unsheltered or living in housing that is not secure.

Both nonprofits offer supportive services to assist in moving people into what will be transitional housing. Those services will extend throughout the period of residency, said Richard Loring, vice president of development at ESI Ventures.

One of the nonprofits, Peace4Kids, serves young people in foster care and young adults who have aged out of the foster care system.

The other, Tiny Town CA, provides shelter and assistance programs to young single mothers with one or two children.

“410 Rossmore LLC is committed to working with these organizations and public entities to make our contribution to reducing the number of people unsheltered or living in situations where they are experiencing housing insecurity,” Loring wrote in a letter to the 15 existing tenants who remain in the 78-unit building.

“I intend to welcome these folks into our building with open arms and hope everyone else feels the same way I do,” Loring added in his letter.

RENDERING of Hancock Park project illustrates a design concept to enhance the scale and livability of the 1930s building with contextual architecture.

The two nonprofits will pay 410 Rossmore LLC a “nominal licensing fee” of $300 per unit for utilities and other costs.

Loring said he is working with Council Districts 4 and 5 on the project, which will utilize 20 or more of the existing units for the next six months or longer, pending approval of the new construction permits by the Los Angeles Dept. of Building and Safety.

While 15 tenants still live at the site, 41 previous tenants accepted buy-out offers after Atlanta-based Domos Co-Living and ESI Ventures purchased the property in January 2020.

The planned remodel includes increasing the building height from five stories to 12 and increases the number of units from 78 to 87.

Originally planned as a co-living development, that plan was scrapped because of parking concerns, Loring said.

He added that, under the planned remodel, “Parking will be completely code compliant. All units will have their own assigned spaces.”

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