Enter world of 3-D design, luxuriate in ‘bespoke’ at Prospr

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INTERIOR DESIGNER Randy Esada recently launched his line of custom-made furniture and lighting.

In the world of interior design, size really does matter. “It’s all about scale and measurements,” says interior designer Randy Esada, owner of Prospr — a 3,000 square-foot showroom on Beverly Blvd.

He tells of one customer who purchased a grand piano, only to find her couches wouldn’t fit in her living room after the instrument arrived.

Now, with the click of a finger, problem solved. You can find dimensions of the 18th-to-mid-20th century furnishings, chandeliers and decorative arts on the new “Shop in 3-D” feature on his website.

Inventory is updated monthly, and Esada includes  treasures he finds at estate sales and ones shipped regularly from Paris.

His new line of custom-made furniture and lighting, fabricated by California-based artisans, is also on the site.
“Los Angeles has become the Mecca for furniture making. It used to be that Italy was the only place you could get the quality you wanted.” Not anymore, says the designer.

MANY OF THE CHANDELIERS were made with area homes in mind, says Randy Esada at Prospr.

The Spanish Colonial, rustic-style chandeliers hanging in his showroom were made with Hancock Park and Windsor Square homes in mind, says the designer.

The longtime area designer recently launched his “bespoke” line of lighting and furnishings, like couture, but “altered to the specifics of the user.”

Hancock Park resident and musician Ahmet Zappa chose a pink zebra-stripe fabric to cushion an Italian country settee with a lyre-designed back and gilded in gold. “It’s wonderful,” says Esada.

Another client is having a dining table made of fruitwood with bronze inlay in the classic Viennese Biedermeier style.

“I pride myself doing things that are timeless…” says Esada, who has specialized in residential interiors with showrooms in Los Angeles and Palm Springs. He began his career by renovating homes in Hancock Park. It was after discovering his passion for transformation that the Windsor Square resident was inspired to open his original showroom in Larchmont Village in 1998. Antiquarian Home on Melrose Ave. followed, and, later still, came his shop, Thrive Décor, located in the 1928 Heinsbergen Decorating Company Building at Beverly and Vista St. That castle-like structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The light-filled space of his new Beverly Blvd. showroom, opened a year ago this summer near The Grove, is filled with Italian rococo mirrors, gilded chandeliers and samples of the Scalamandre wallpaper the store carries. Glass table lamps he designed mix well with vintage moderne chairs.

His Italian gilt-wood sconce with antique glass is among his made-to-order, hard-to-copy designs.

You won’t find his intricately designed furnishings and decor elsewhere. The clean shape of modern design blends beautifully with antiques, says Esada. While mid-century design is basking in its time in the sun, nothing speaks to the soul like antiques.

“The last thing I want is to walk into a room and have it be so generic anybody could live there.”
Whatever style speaks to you, tour his showroom, on foot or from the comfort of your home, or from anywhere in the world.

“You can pour yourself a martini or a Manhattan and walk through the store,” marvels Esada.

Prospr, 7407 Beverly Blvd., prosprco.com, and click on “Shop in 3-D,” 323-934-0509.

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