Elevator issues addressed at Park La Brea meeting

| October 3, 2013 | 0 Comments

EACH 13-FLOOR TOWER has two elevators.

Lately, there isn’t a day all of the 36 elevators at Park La Brea’s towers operate smoothly, according to Zhita Rea, a member of the newly formed Tenants Health & Safety Committee. While an ongoing concern, the problems at the 18 towers have escalated in the past year, the Park La Brea resident added.

Frustrated with the alleged  frequent breakdowns and pressing PLB management to fix the problem, the ad hoc Health & Safety Committee hosted a forum Oct. 1 as the Chronicle went to press. Park La Brea management and Schindler elevator repair company were invited.

“Schindler, the elevator service provider, worked diligently to return cars to service as quickly as possible,” Park La Brea Managment wrote in a statement to the Chronicle. “However, there are times that parts must be manufactured to complete repairs, causing delays,” the statement continued.

Each 13-floor tower, plus a basement, has two elevators. Some are original to the 1945 apartment complex, but even the newer ones are having issues, sometimes both elevators at once, said Rea. “It’s a health and safety issue. It’s not a matter of us against them, but what can we do to improve this.”


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