Editorial: Enforce the laws

| June 27, 2024 | 0 Comments

In a recent visit to Larchmont Boulevard, District Attorney candidate Nathan Hochman observed that we seem to be living in a culture of lawlessness instead of a culture of lawfulness.

Many of us see that daily.  On this page of the Larchmont Chronicle are readers’ letters with justified complaints about leaf blower ordinances not being enforced and paid-for street light maintenance not being performed. And what more needs to be written about scofflaws parking in Larchmont’s center lane?

But, in our Police Beat column in Section 2, we read that burglaries are down. But down from what number and when? Residents do not feel safe. A Windsor Village neighbor witnessed and reported a serious private property trespass by a potential burglar who was casing an apartment building while his lookout sat across the street. The neighbor was frustrated with LAPD’s lack of response to his report, but that department’s number of sworn officers is insufficient, we know.

Yet, certain City Council members and one current candidate (for CD 14) appear to welcome the political support of activist groups that are urging government to “defund the police.”

Let’s all work together for a better Los Angeles, one where lawfulness is the watchword.

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