CORRECTION: August 2018 “Women of Larchmont” profile of Jane Gilman

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LARCHMONT PHARMACY at 217 N. Larchmont Blvd. (today Burger Lounge and Pickett Fences) helped get the Larchmont Chronicle off to a profitable start in Sept., 1963. Note the ficus tree in its early days.

In the August “Women of Larchmont” profile of Jane Gilman by Billy Taylor, the editor added an error. He addresses it below.

Jane Gilman had it right. Interviewer Billy Taylor had it right. I got it wrong.

In his original story, Taylor described Gilman’s recounting of her and Dawne Goodwin’s first success when they were planning a new local newspaper in 1963. The two entrepreneurs had hit the sidewalks of Larchmont to talk to business owners about advertising in their new community newspaper. Jane told Billy that their first big break was when the Larchmont Pharmacy agreed to take out two full pages (in the 12-page paper).

LARCH-MART GROCERY at 227 N. Larchmont Blvd. (today the boarded-up building north of Vernetti) placed a full-page ad (here) in the inaugural issue of the paper. Note the ficus trees in their early days. Photos from the Larchmont Chronicle — included in
“Larchmont” by Patty Lombard, available at Chevalier’s Books.

This fact-checking editor went to the bound copy of Volume 1, No. 1, and I found a full-page ad for the Larch-Mart Grocery, but only small display ads for the Beverly Larchmont Pharmacy. Or so I thought.

That led to the change that I made and that we printed, wherein the story mentioned the grocery, not the pharmacy. And, on deadline, I did not run my change by either Taylor or Gilman. Mea culpa!

Jane was correct, of course. Clever (and generous) Bill Schulhof, owner of the pharmacy, indeed acquiesced to the two salesladies, and he did reserve two full pages, the centerfold, in the early issues of the paper. He filled the pages with his own stories and had a few small display ads. It was an early-day “advertorial.” But this editor’s quick perusal of the bound copy saw those pages as just a collection of stories, not ads, so I focused on the true full page from the grocery, reproduced slightly smaller here.

Again, I extend my apologies to readers, Jane, and Billy. But it’s fun to review the small village days on the Boulevard. Giant Size Tide for 65 cents!

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