Cookie Casa’s roots stretch from Hancock Park to Spain

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CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies were Erin Zabel’s first foray into the baking business.

CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies were Erin Zabel’s first foray into the baking business.

Her chocolate fudge “crack” bar is “famous,” so much so Erin Zabel has trademarked the treat.

“It’s addictive,” explains the petite blonde, who reaches back to her childhood for inspiration for the sugary treats sold at her Cookie Casa Bakery, 8116 Beverly Blvd.

The mom of two daughters, Charlotte, 7, and Maggie, 4, she opened the storefront in February after outgrowing her Plymouth Blvd. kitchen.

With the help of two chefs among her nine-member staff she makes small batches of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pies and cakes.

Erin descends from a long line of bakers. A grandfather taught her a Spanish family recipe for rosco, a flaky cookie with anise and sherry, rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

Her biggest seller is “Grandma Becky’s” molasses sandwich—vanilla buttercream between two molasses ginger cookies.

Zabel started her adult life far from the kitchen. Wanting to teach, she studied in Spain and Ecuador, earning a degree in bilingual education. But the classroom wasn’t for her. She found a job as a bilingual receptionist for AIDS Walk L.A., and moved up the corporate ladder.

Suffering from burn-out, after long days she found relief and joy over a hot oven baking chocolate chip cookies.

Her husband David carried her chewy concoctions to work—he was a writer/producer for “ER,” the TV series. Erin listened to his colleagues’ feedback and perfected her recipe and packaging. The cookies must have tasted good. A former agent remains Erin’s best client.

“So much is about giving …  and making sure it’s lovely,” she says.



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