Co-ed sports league comes to Hollywood, Wilshire

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COACH Matthew Wong shares his passion for soccer fundamentals with area youth.

COACH Matthew Wong shares his passion for soccer fundamentals with area youth.

There is a new sports league coming this fall to participating schools in Hollywood and Wilshire.

The league is for boys and girls in 4th to 6th grades, with a designated sport for each season of the 2015/16 school year. Soccer season runs from the beginning of school until Dec. 15. Basketball season runs from Jan. 18 to Mar. 8. And volleyball season runs from April 12 to May 23.

The co-ed league is managed by JMG SoccerWise, a family-owned business founded by Matthew Wong, who says he is “extremely excited” to be creating a local interscholastic league.

In 2005, Wong—who has played soccer since he was five—began teaching for a franchise that catered to children ages 3 to 8 years old, but felt there were lost opportunities for development.

“I quickly realized that children needed a more comprehensive and in-depth enrichment program using soccer as a vehicle to teach not only athletic skills but socialization and communication skills.”

It was from this idea that JMG SoccerWise was born.

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For Wong, what happens on the field is as important as what happens off the field: “We use all situations as a lesson for our kids. We create safe spaces with boundaries so children can thrive and work through fears and the array of emotions they will experience.”

Wong says his team embraces every tear, smile, frustration and angry word because: “we know it leads to an opportunity to positively shaping the lives of our children.”

The league will require all students to play at least half the game, with professional and semi-pro coaches on hand for instruction. “Our coaches don’t just tell them the definition of respect, honesty, sportsmanship, sharing, patience, discipline and courage, they role model these qualities in how they teach and interact.

“Our lead soccer coach not only played for DC United, but has a background in early childhood development,” says Wong, “and we have a former Harlem Globetrotter teaching our kids basketball.”

Participating schools include Brawerman East, Center for Early Education, Citizens of the World, Hollywood Schoolhouse, Pilgrim, St. James Episcopal and Temple Israel of Hollywood.

For information on league enrollment and schedules for the upcoming season, visit or call 323-801-6391.

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