Classic menu items, friendly service draw customers to landmark

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OWNER Bruce Taylor in front of the restaurant showing off its new signage.

OWNER Bruce Taylor in front of the restaurant showing off its new signage.

“Buy the best and cook it simply” is the mantra at Taylor’s Steakhouse, celebrating its 60th year as a landmark restaurant in the Wilshire Center area.

Bruce Taylor began helping out at the restaurant while he was a student at USC. Bruce’s dad opened Taylor’s on Western Ave. in 1953. He was a transplanted Texan and an owner, trainer and breeder of horses.

In 1970, Tex moved the restaurant to the corner of Ardmore and Eighth streets.Bruce took over as owner following his father’s retirement in 1970.

Not only is Taylor’s a family restaurant but it also boasts a “family” of employees. “Many of our staff have been here 20 and 30 years,” he said.

“I enjoy working here,” said Doris Pike, a 22-year veteran waitress. “The customers are really great, and we see the same people over and over.”

“We’ve had special occasions here, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement lunches, because our menu appeals to everyone,” said the owner.

The warm, inviting interior also pleases patrons. They sink into red leather booths, admire the dark wood paneling on the walls and are met by mature servers.

Taylor has recently completed an upgrade in the kitchen and restrooms.

However, menu items haven’t varied over the years. Classic choices include prime rib, steaks from New York to top sirloin, ribeye to filet mignon, pan-roasted chicken and jumbo gulf prawns.

Taylor commutes between the original eatery and the Taylor’s Steakhouse in La Canada-Flintridge which he opened in 1996.

“They are both basic American steakhouses,” he explains.


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