Citizens, awareness keys to keeping crime at bay in Miracle Mile

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NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH captain Karin Green at Park LaBrea with senior lead officer Perry Jones.

Concerned citizens continue to assist in solving area crimes, says senior lead officer Perry Jones of the L.A.P.D. Wilshire Division. “Neighborhood watch groups and regular citizens calling the police are one of the best tools we have and are how a majority of crimes are solved,” he added.

An example is the Park La Brea Neighborhood Watch.  “Their watch group had been stagnant for a long time. So when I started to receive calls from resident Karen Green about different issues there, we got together and talked and she just grabbed the bull by the horns. “She got the word out, and put together a magnificent group of people who are now working on establishing a neighborhood watch on each block and in every tower,” he added.

In addition to Park La Brea, Jones is the L.A.P.D. liaison with the area that includes the Miracle Mile, Farmers Market, The Grove, CBS Television City and LACMA.

Crime is down

Jones reports that crime in the Miracle Mile area is down significantly from this time last year, with only auto thefts seeing an increase. But he cautions residents to remain vigilant. “We need them to be our eyes and ears, and when they see something, to be good witnesses. Look for license numbers, note car make and model, direction of travel as well as appearance, clothing, tattoos.”

In addition, people need to lock their cars and stop leaving electronics in plain view, said Jones, who sometimes walks the streets placing “Lock It, Hide It” flyers on parked vehicles. “I’m astonished when I look in cars and see laptops, phones, iPods plugged in and out in the open. It’s such a crime of opportunity.”

The same can be said for burglaries, he added. “Lock your doors and windows. If you’re going out of town, don’t let newspapers pile up on your porch or mail in your mailbox.”

He also advises residents to call 311 when they spot graffiti, and have it painted over immediately.


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