Celebrating Oscar awardee, ALLA’s new home

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FIDM Museum Curator, Kevin Jones, Mary Zophres and FIDM Museum Director, Barbara Bundy, attend a reception in the FIDM Museum honoring Mary Zophres, Costume Designer for the film First Man, in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. (Photo: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages)

Nominated for an Academy Award twice in the past for “La La Land” and “True Grit,” Mary Zophres, costume designer for this year’s film about Neil Armstrong, “First Man,” was recently feted at the FIDM Museum. Barbara Bundy, director of the museum, hosted an intimate luncheon at the downtown, South Park facility. 

“It can be an elaborate tri-mirror or one from Target — there is that moment when the actor glances at himself in full dress and becomes one with the character. It sends chills down my spine,” said Zophres, sharing adventurous stories about working with such great directors as Joel and Ethan Coen and Damien Chazelle.

A reception was held before the luncheon, followed by a curator visit to the museum’s Fashion Collection Archive that begins in the 18th century and includes over 15,000 historical fashion designs and accessories. A couture man’s jumpsuit from the 1970s that was inspired by the first trip to the moon was shown by curator Kevin Jones. Some of those in attendance were creative director Peter Lam, children’s book author Danielle Gillespie-Hallinan, Britani Wood and Joe Incollingo.

ASSISTANCE LEAGUE gathered guests at WCC, including Flo Flowkes and Juliet Brumlik.

The Assistance League of Los Angeles, the venerable 99-year-old organization whose members teach, clothe, give scholarships and raise funds for the youth of our city, gathered at the Wilshire Country Club for their annual meeting and holiday lunch on Dec. 4. “We have a new Chapter House!” announced president Lisa Wierwille. “It’s on Sunset, east of Highland; we’re going back to our Hollywood roots.” Among the ladies from our ’hood there were Cathryne Bray-Macievic, Yvonne Cazier, Juliet Brumlik, Kiel FitzGerald, Shelagh Callahan, Flo Fowkes, Barbara Hardesty, Diane Kanner, Marion Plato and Silvia Marjoram.

GINGERBREAD party hosts for NGA: Carrington Goodman and Oona Kanner.

Needlework Guild Hancock Park invited its members and guests for a “Gingerbread Party” the following evening. It was a chance to give, via ticket sales, to enjoy a casual buffet of pizzas and salads and to decorate houses from an array of candies, lollypops, glitter and icings. Hosted by Oona Kanner and Carrington Goodman at Wilshire Country Club, the hostesses asked the club’s sous chef to select the grandest gingerbread abode. The winner was Lisa Hutchins. It was a festive night that brought the spirit of the season. There: Mary Jaworski, Danielle Reyes, Megan Drynan, Donna Econn, Pavlina Solo, Kathleen Macomber with daughter Pilar, Heather Boylston, Gill Wagner, Chesney Hill, Jane Galbraith, Lisa Morrison, Olivia Kazanjian, Michaela Burschinger, Robin Chehrazi, Isabel Mayfield and NGA’s President Beverly Brown. 

Save the date, Sat., Feb. 23 in the new year, for NGA’s annual gala. Always notable because it is such a darn fun party every year; this year’s event, “Caddyshack for a Cause,” will be at the Wilshire Country Club. Tickets can be obtained through NGA. Proceeds purchase all that is needed and new for charities in the area. 

Merry… Merry… Merry… and generosity to others in 2019.

And that’s the chat!

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