Cartoons, silent films at movie night in Brookside

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BLACK AND WHITE comedies, some filmed in the neighborhood, will be screened.

BLACK AND WHITE comedies will be screened at the Brookside movie night. Pictured is a still from “Saturday Afternoon” (1926),  filmed on Larchmont at the southwest corner of W. 1st st. Photo from Marc Wanamaker, Bison Archives via John Bengston.

A film historian and a composer will be special guests at the seventh annual Brookside Outdoor Movie Night in Memorial Park on Sat., Oct. 17 presented by Miracle Mile Toys and Games.

Roy Forbes, coordinator, said the movies will start at 7:15 p.m., but he suggests to come early and have a family picnic in the park before; a barbecue will be provided for those who wish to grill.

Brookside resident Randy Haberkamp, managing director of preservation and foundation programs for the Academy Foundation at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, uses his encyclopedic knowledge to make recommendations, said Forbes. Michael Mortilla, a well known composer in silent film circles, will provide live musical accompaniment to the silent films.

Old-time cartoons and black and white comedies, some filmed right in the neighborhood 70 to 100 years ago (think Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel & Hardy, Three Stooges, etc.) will be screened.

Admission is free, and friends are invited. For more information, contact Roy Forbes, 310-770-1303 or

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