Bronson’s unique lanterns shine brightly with LED

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OLD ENGLISH hanging lanterns on Bronson are now equipped with LED lights.

At a Chevalier’s Books exclusive Nov. 11 book release event, author Michael Connelly shared with the virtual audience a little about his research process for new novel “The Dark Hours,” which included becoming familiar with the various types of streetlights that can be found across the City of Angels.

Connelly cited “The Art of Street Lighting in Los Angeles,” (Dawson’s Book Shop, 1972), written by Park La Brea resident Eddy Feldman, as a book essential to that research, noting that the history and local politics of streetlights play a role throughout his new book. Feldman’s book was the first volume in the Los Angeles Miscellany series of 16 volumes published by the former Larchmont mainstay antiquarian book store (whose longtime home at 535 N. Larchmont is now for sale).

One local example of unique streetlights, which is discussed in Feldman’s book, can be found on Bronson Avenue, between 5th and 6th streets. Originally developed as Stratford Way by the McCarthy Company (which also developed Carthay Circle), this “mews block” features 14 smaller homes fashioned in Old English-style architecture. In keeping with the theme, the developers created Old English-style hanging lanterns mounted on redwood poles in a narrow strip of hedge on the west side of the street, to light the small block, where the residences are only on the east side of the street.

Not only are the streetlights still in existence, but the city’s Bureau of Street Lighting recently rebuilt the lanterns, replacing the bulbs with new LED lights to shine brightly for years to come. (Some might argue that they now are too bright.)

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