Birdhouses added to Root2Bloom landscaper’s local perch

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BIRDHOUSES sold at Robert Fisher’s landscape store are made of reclaimed wood from barns and old houses.

BIRDHOUSES sold at Robert Fisher’s landscape store are made of reclaimed wood from barns and old houses.

Bet you didn’t know you needed a birdhouse, did you? Well, after seeing the abundant display of birdhouses at Robert Fisher’s local landscape store at 407 S. Fairfax, Root 2 Bloom, you may wonder how you ever lived without one.

“They are works of art,” says Fisher. “They’re so incredibly unique.”

The birdhouses, crafted by local artist and carpenter Steve Dennis, are made of reclaimed antique wood from 19th century barns, old Victorian houses and a variety of other antique wood sources. “Steve uses really interesting things for the perches, too,” says Fisher. “Things like an antique handle, hose bib, doorknobs, spades and spigots.”

Fisher and Dennis met unexpectedly, but their business alliance was fate. “I was at the hometown fair in Manhattan Beach, and I saw these birdhouses and was just amazed by them,” says Fisher. “They come in all different sizes, shapes and colors and they were each so unique. I had never seen birdhouses that looked like that.”

Dennis, who lives near the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, had been meaning to contact Fisher about selling his birdhouses through his Fairfax store, so the chance meeting ended in an unexpected new business deal.

Dennis pulled up behind Fisher’s store the next week to unload his birdhouses, and to Fisher’s surprise, there were dozens of them. “I wasn’t expecting so many!” laughs Fisher, “but I loved them so much that I brought them all in. Now they are all over the shop and they are absolutely beautiful.”

Many people don’t quite know what to do with a birdhouse. Fisher recommends that homeowners install them in trees or any place you would typically find a bird nest. “Put them somewhere with the least amount of traffic.  Birds like to be hidden.”

The birdhouses sell from $65 to $175, and they come in small, medium and large. “I just love them,” says Fisher. “They correspond with nature and would look great in anyone’s yard.”

For more information, go to, or call 323-934-3722.


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