Around the Town: Women Speak and rappers, children rap for Alexandria House

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Alexandria House held its annual “Women Speak” Luncheon June 4 the only way possible for the long-revered organization. Even with the limitations imposed by remote access, there were guest speakers: author, activist and former Alexandria House resident Keanakay Scott and Rabbi Sharon Brous, who once led the prayers at the Obama and Garcetti inaugurals.

RABBI SHARON BROUS offers inspired words for Alexandria House Luncheon.

“My work is inspired by history not repeating itself, whether coming from foster care by way of second generation or systemic injustice,” said Keanakay Scott.

Ms. Scott’s words were a reminder of the impact of the open letter she sent to media outlets, which went viral and was featured on PBS News Hour.

Rabbi Brous spoke of the power of acts of holy defiance in this time of uncertainty. “It was the women who gathered together in the streets to protest war, resulting in the election of the first female president,” she said, imparting her experience from her trip to Liberia.

JUSTIN BIEBER has a laugh with an Alexandria House resident.

Alexandria House also benefits from the support of Be Kind, an auxiliary that enlists the aid of the music industry. Be Kind representatives Christine and Mereki said, “You can’t leave Alexandria House without your heart filled!” What followed was a music video of Justin Bieber and rapper Quavo performing their composition at the House, filmed pre-pandemic. The interactions with the children had a nostalgic glow and evidenced genuine connection to the residents.

RAPPER Quavo compares teeth braces with Alexandria House resident.

That was followed by a dance performed by founding director Judy Vaughan and managing director Michelle Ton.

Director Judy Vaughan.

Also appearing was volunteer Nancy Berlin: “I’ve painted walls, even delivered a baby!” (Now, that’s extreme volunteering.) Others there online included board president Caroline Fitzgerald, supporter Jacqueline Johnson (who donates a percentage of her income, even her stimulus check), and Mike and Anne who gave $50,000 to assist in the repair of Alexandria House after the recent fire. This generous couple left their last names anonymous. However, Mike and Anne and all of the donors of time, food and care  are no less valued by the women and their children whose lives are saved by Alexandria House.

“Start doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” — Francis of Assisi

And that’s the chat!

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