Addressing homeless housing locally

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COMMUNITY LEADERS listen to Frank, a formerly homeless person, describe his path to recovery through permanent supportive housing.

Gathered in an historic Hancock Park apartment building last month were about 20 community members and local religious leaders. The tea-time topic was how residents and local faith organizations can work together to address homelessness in the Greater Wilshire and Wilshire Center Koreatown areas, especially to provide needed “bridge housing” to move people off of the streets and toward permanent supportive housing.

FRONTLINE storyteller organizers Allison Schallert, left, and Marilyn Wells, right, describe their project at the gathering to discuss how to help homelessness.

Hostess was Marilyn Wells, and attendees included Revs. John Kim and Kate Cress from St. James’ in-the-City Episcopal Church, Rev. Laura Fregin from First Congregational Church, Rev. Frank Buckley from Blessed Sacrament Church, and Rev. Megan Hollaway from Episcopal School Los Angeles. Also participating were Sarah Dusseault, incoming chair of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, Chris Ko from United Way, Jill Bauman from Imagine LA, Meridyth Ecker from Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Margaret MacDonald from Homeless Outreach at St. James’ in-the-City, and Allison Schallert, Geraldeen Hurley, Shannon Hardin, Clare Sebenius and Julie Hogenboom.

Much information was shared about attendees’ organizations’ existing outreach programs, plans for the future, and community needs that must be addressed to assist the population, including women and children, living on nearby streets.

There was a consensus after discussion that the simple act of reaching out, of being hospitable, can go a long way toward solving the homelessness problem.

Specific outcomes of the meeting include initiating trainings and events to provide information about the housing solutions that already exist and that are being developed and implemented by the City of Los Angeles.

Neighbors interested in more information may contact Marilyn Wells and Allison Schallert at “Stories from the Frontline:”


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