A little piece of the Dodgers lives on Beachwood Drive

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BRASS HOME PLATE states the distance to Dodger Stadium’s home plate in Chavez Ravine.

The Los Angeles Dodgers season is in full swing, and fans regularly are heading to the stadium. A family on South Beachwood Drive has taken being a Dodgers fan to a new level. They’ve recently embedded a beautiful, locally crafted custom brass home plate in their driveway. It tells you exactly how far you are from home plate at Dodger Stadium: 24,816 feet. Windsor Square homeowner Noel Maxam figured the exact distance himself using the longitude and latitude of both locations via Google.

Maxam got the idea after noticing a home in the neighborhood with embedded pennies in its driveway spelling out “walk in peace.” He then thought of all the multiple signs at Dodger Stadium that inform you of your distance from home plate. The combination birthed the plaque placed in the family driveway.

THE LONG view.

Not entirely certain how his wife would react to installing the permanent plaque, Maxam had it laid in the driveway while his wife was out of town. However, he said, “My wife loves it.”

Baseball has been a big bonding activity for their family. They were active members of Wilshire Warriors baseball league with their son, Edward, for eight years. The experience, according to Maxam, “allowed me to give my son a childhood.”

For now and for many years to come, baseball will be remembered by these family members whenever pulling into their driveway.

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