55 years of Women of Larchmont

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55 years ago, my brilliant editorial predecessor, Jane Gilman, and her advertising genius colleague, Dawne Goodwin, decided to create a special section each year featuring the “Women of Larchmont.”

This was just the third year of their Larchmont Chronicle enterprise, which they founded in 1963. As the paper stated on the cover of its first Women of Larchmont section: “This annual section is a tribute to these women, who, through their gifts of time, money, ideas and talent have enriched our city.” Noble and accurate thoughts!

Of course, that statement also did go on to describe Women of Larchmont as “a tireless army of petticoats…”

Times change!

And here we are, now reflecting upon 55 years of publishing stories about amazing local women and what they do for the community. To accompany this 2020 special section, we have attempted to list all of the “Women of Larchmont” from the past decades. There is a bit of a challenge in doing this, because times do change.

During the first three years, the special section was chock-full of articles about local women and their accomplishments, primarily philanthropic. I have learned that the editors in those first years enlisted the publicity chairwomen of many local women’s organizations to draft and submit stories that generally ended up being about the then-current presidents of their organizations.

The cover

COVER photos by Bill Devlin.

For the first three years, the cover of the special section — part of an all-black-and-white newspaper — featured fashion drawings, typical of the black-and-white newspaper advertisements of the time. In the fourth year, 1968, Jane and Dawne started the section with photographs on the cover of some of the women whose stories would be in the section. Internally, the editors began to refer to these as the “cover girls.” We try not to use that term these days.

Also about that time, the paper’s coverage began evolving from utilizing the contributions from organizations’ publicity chairs to having the paper’s staff writers and editors focus on interviewing a few distinguished female members of our community for the August issue. There would be fewer stories, and photos of the subjects of the feature articles would be included on the cover of the section.

That is why, on the accompanying list, beginning in 1968, we end up leaving out many women about whom interesting stories were included in a given year’s “Women of Larchmont” section. For example, because they were not on the cover, the 1968 stories on Maria Cole (Mrs. Nat King Cole), Liz Peeler, Ethel Toll, and 11 others are not included in the accompanying list. The 1969 list leaves out Betty Ann Hibbard, Virginia Knight (Mrs. Goodwin Knight), Princess Conchita Pignatelli, Anne Shaw Price, and eight other ladies about whom interesting stories were written.

And so it goes today.



Mrs. Rudolph W. Alpert (Lora), Mrs. James Anson, Mrs. George M. Bell II (Lucy), Mrs. Henry T.S. Bonesteel (Kay), Mrs. Clyde R. Burr (Alice), Mrs. Eugene Calhoun (Veronica), Mrs. G. Earl Carson (Virginia), Mrs. Norman Chandler (Dorothy), Mrs. Clifford B. Cherry, Mrs. Guy Chaffee Earle, Jr. (Eleanor), Mrs. M.C. Hollingsworth, Mrs. Robert Hope (Marian), Mrs. Miriam Nadel Karr (Miriam), Mrs. Glen H. Mitchel, Mrs. Sigurd Murphy (Dorothy), Mrs. Harry Nelson, Mrs. Lloyd Stevens Nix (Helen), Mrs. Kenneth Olsen, Mrs. Harrison Price, Mrs. Bayard Rhone (Edna), Mrs. Clay Robbins, Mrs. Emily Brinton Sims (Emily), Mrs. Oscar A. Trippet (Bernice), Mrs. Russell Vaughan (Leslie), Mrs. Louise Ward Watkins (Louise), Mrs. William E. Welborne (Polly), Mrs. Donald O. Welton, Mrs. Herbert White, Mrs. Gilbert Woolway


Mrs. Howard Ahmanson (Caroline), Mrs. Fritz Burns (Grace), Mrs. Edwin Curl, Mrs. Cutler Dippell (Jeanette), Miss Julia Stearns Dockweiler, Mrs. Charles E. Donnelly III, Miss Gwen Halvorson, Mrs. Harold Hodge, Mrs. Roy Hoffman (Hazelle), Mrs. J. Edward Johnson, Mrs. Richard Kimbrough (LaVerne), Miss Margo Leonetti, Mrs. Helen Young Luke, Mrs. Alfred Margolis, Reverend Mrs. Henry Melczer, Mrs. Elizabeth Ornduff, Mrs. William Pereira (Margaret), Mrs. Clay Robbins (Anita), Mrs. Charles Russell, Mrs. George Schechter, Mrs. William Scully, Mrs. Marie Semrod, Mrs. William Sesnon (Margaret), Mrs. James C. Smith, Mrs. Frank C. Sullivan (Ruth), Miss Clara Tatley, Mrs. Laughlin Waters (Voula), Mrs. Benjamin Wernett, Mrs. Tony Whan, Mrs. David J. Witmer, Mrs. Ed Yeomans (Pat)


Mrs. Robert Byerts (Betty), Mrs. Edward C. Cazier, Jr. (Yvonne), Mrs. Charles William Crawford (Madeline), Mrs. James Crisafulli (Ruth), Mrs. Richard Dillon (Pat), Mrs. Gabriel Duque (Mary), Mrs. William Fitzgerald (Martha), Mrs. Robert Frampton (Mary), Mrs. John Isaacs (Elizabeth), Mrs. Henry A. Mackie (Virginia), Mrs. William Rowland Moore, Mrs. Harry Mynatt (Helen), Mrs. Aileen Pauley, Mrs. Richard Schuur, Mrs. Donald Shanahan (Jeanne), Anne Thompson Smith, Mrs. Guy Wadsworth (Isabelle)


Miss Jessie D. Brown, Mrs. Bernard V. McDermott (Genevieve), Mrs. Hughes Gregory Morton (Mary)


Mrs. Marvin Chesebro (Vivi), Mrs. Frederick G. Larkin Jr. (Fran), Mrs. Z. Wayne Griffin (Elinor)


Mrs. G. Earl Carson (Virginia), Mrs. Edward Pallette (Vilma), Mrs. James L. Stuart (Joyce)


Mrs. Arden Day (Cookie), Mrs. Andrew Fenady (Mary Frances), Mrs. Leonard Meyberg (Lorraine), Mrs. Ogden Vest (Janice)


Mrs. Lemuel Bancroft (Evelyn), Mrs. Ed Borcherdt, Jr. (Wendy), Mrs. Harry Burk (Margaret), Mrs. Sandy Elster (Ernestine), Mrs. A. Richard Kimbrough (Laverne), Georgia Bullock Lloyd, Mrs. John McClure (Lil)


Mrs. Hal Blackman (Mary), Mrs. Giles Mead (Dr. Sylvia Earle), Mrs. J. Roy Hoffman (Hazelle), Mrs. David Schine (Hillevi), Mrs. Maurice Schwarz (Marj), Mrs. Ralph Singer (Joan), Mrs. Frederick Wehrle (Eleanor)


Mrs. Dan Bond (Beth), Mrs. Howard Fitzpatrick (Barbara), Mrs. William Rowland Moore (Sally), Mrs. Jerry Patterson (Carol)


Mrs. Willard Z. Carr, Jr. (Margaret), Mrs. Norman Chandler (Dorothy), Mrs. John Glessner (Alice Taylor), Mrs. Margery Margolis, Mrs. Holmes Tuttle (Virginia)


Mrs. George Gibbs (Gretchen), Mrs. Don Keene (Linda), Mrs. Joe Turner (Marge), Judge Mary Waters, Mrs. Ed Yeomans (Pat)


Mrs. Lucy Ann Bell (McBain), Mrs. Roger Craddock (Iris), Mrs. Gordon Crary (Mary), Mrs. George W. Dickinson (Ginny), Mrs. Floyd Kirby (Dora), Mrs. Bill Stinehart (Martha), Mrs. Larry Thrall (Beverly)


Miss Cecil Carnes, Pat Hug, Mrs. Alec Jack (Lee), Mrs. Howard Fithian Kingman (Adelaide), Mrs. Lawrence O’Neill (Dr. Ynez Violé), Mrs. George Rice (Kathleen), Mrs. David Stern (Pat), Mrs. Larry Yust (Clara)


Mrs. Beecher Baldwin (Jane), Mrs. Robert Craig (Eve), Miss Leslie Newquist, Mrs. Gregor Norman-Wilcox (Grace), Mrs. Nate Synder (Elizabeth), Mrs. William L. Tooley (Reva)


Mrs. Mickey McCullough (Irene), Mrs. Owens Miller (Margaret Mary), Mrs. Alfred Orena (Catharine), Mrs. Daniel Sooy (Mary), Sheila Tepper, Mrs. Davis von Wittenburg (Jean)


Mrs. Jim Bonorris (Lucy Zahran), Mrs. William J. Flaherty (Bonnie), Mrs. Robert Gates (Anne), Mrs. William Hinckle (Lupe), Mrs. Richard Hoffman (Evelyn)


Mrs. M.L. Brittain III (Kilbee), Mrs. Richard “Skip” Byrne (Chickie), Mrs. Steve Griffith (Louise), Mrs. Harry Robbins Haldeman (Jo), Mrs. Kenneth Olsen (Dorothy)


Mrs. Henry P. Baldwin Jr. (Virginia), Mrs. Donald Chalker (Mary Ann), Mrs. Linda Hadley Keller, Mrs. Tom Reddin (Betty), Judge Pam Rymer, Mrs. Rod Tull (Tanya)


Mrs. David Bosko (Carmela), Mrs. Craig Combs (Anne), Mrs. George Fritzinger (Grace), Mrs. Barney Leason (Jody Jacobs), Mrs. Angus McLeod (Peggy), Mrs. Vernon Underwood (Adrienne)


Mrs. Carl Barrow (Bernadine), Mrs. Gabriel Carlos Duque Jr. (Marilyn), Mrs. Warner Henry (Carol), Mrs. Elliot Roberts (Gwen), Mrs. Walter Ryon (Joy), Sonia Suk


Mrs. Dwight Kendall (Dona), Mrs. Miguel Llanos (Nelly), Mrs. Bruce Ludwig (Carolyn), Mrs. Stuart Singer (Vilma Martinez), Mrs. Romus Soucek (Anne)


Mrs. Roy Bushee (Joan), Mrs. Marcus Crahan (Catherine), Mrs. Tom Hodgkiss (Toni), Mrs. Barry Lundy (Gwen), Mrs. Jim Powers (Nadia)


Mrs. Paul Avazian (Grace), Mrs. Shannon Clyne (Pamela), Mrs. Brian Dockweiler Crahan (Michele), Mrs. William Curtis (Helen Shepherd), Mrs. Ben Hayes (Terry), Mrs. Joseph Keon (Sally)


Mrs. Lance Erikson (Suzanne), Mrs. John Estrada (Anne), Mrs. George Fujii (Gertrude), Mrs. Bob Gershon (Barbara), Mrs. Frank Moulton (Marilyn)


Mrs. Norman Branchflower (Suzanne), Mrs. John Ferraro (Margaret), Esther Hays, Mrs. Michael O’Connell (Margo), Mrs. Martin Wolff (Donna)


Mrs. Walter Allen (Mary), Mrs. John Brinsley (Louise), Mrs. Lockwood Haight (Joyce), Mrs. Luther Newby (Jo), Mrs. Ragnar Qvale (Mollie)


Mrs. Larry Gillham (Elsa), Mrs. Rick McKnight (Linda), Mrs. Charles Witt (Colette), Mrs. James Young (Brooke)


Mrs. Robert Andrews (Adrianne), Mrs. Thomas Larkin (Margaret), Mrs. Ron Mandelbaum (Mercy), Mrs. Sandy McLean (Fluff)


Mrs. Robert Auth (Peggy), Mrs. Bill Conti (Shelby), Mrs. Michael Enright (Carol), Mrs. Michael J. Hennigan (Phyllis), Mrs. James Twerdahl (Daryl)


Mrs. Jack Blumenthal (Susan), Mrs. Michael Cornwell (Diane), Mrs. Steve Feller (Katy), Mrs. Peter Gates (Kay), Mrs. Eric Shewfelt (Olga)


Carolyn Bennett, Phyllis Lanni, Loretta Morgenstern, Betty Jean Shea


Sally Acosta, Margaret Chambers, Ellen Hoberman, Jane Spuehler, Cameron Taylor-Brown


Jan Atchity, Ann Bloxsom, Barbara Coad, Marion Plato


Maureen Binder, Sandy Boeck, Barbara Hardesty, Therese Holz, Laurie Stoneman


Gloria Carroll, Jennifer Fain, Beth Grimes, Laura Hotchkiss, Barbara Yaroslavsky


June Bilgore, Lyn MacEwen Cohen, Cindi du Bois, Brenda Newby, Mary Adams O’Connell


Linda Dean, Michele Kneafsey, Angela Maria Sacchi, Fern Wallace


Karla Ahmanson, Cindy Chvatal-Keane, Joane  Henneberger Pickett, Mary Pickhardt


Betsy Anderson, Kay Balue, Sherry Marks, Alyce Morris Winston


Henrietta Consentino, Sally Davies, Robin Kramer, Mary Rajswing


Heather Boylston, Margy Hudson, Rebecca Hutchinson, Suz Landay, Mary Nelson, Lindsay Sturman


Alysoun Higgins, Blaire Larsen, Kerry Morrison, Kate Nunes, Wendy Savage


Liz Fuller, Carol Leahy, Jane Usher, Jan Wieringa


Annie Johnson, Patty Lombard, Kelley Nelson, Robby O’Donnell


Laura Foti Cohen, Jan Daley, Karen Gilman, Myrna Robin Gintel


Jennifer DeVore, Julie Grist, Joanne Medeiros, Kathleen Mulligan


Jan Blacher, Flo Fowkes, Patty Hill, Debbie Willis


Shelagh Callahan, Caroline Labiner Moser, Areva Martin, Jacqueline McNally Kruse


Wendy Clifford, Diane Gilmore, Frances Hoge, Susan Kneafsey


Melanie Boettcher, Patti Carroll, Susan Grossman, Julie Stromberg


Jill Bauman, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, Regina Chung, Vivian Gueler


Janna Bodek Harris, Janet Clayton, Diane Hawley, Sheri Weller


Hilary Crahan, Diane Dicksteen, Jane Gilman, Lynn Hall Russell


Shonda Rhimes, Tammy Rosato, Allison Schallert, Marilyn Wells


Edie Frère, Kari Garcia, Geraldine Hurley, Madelyn Murray

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