Residential Associations

Brookside Homeowners Association
Owen Smith, President
Boundary: Olympic to Wilshire, Highland to Muirfield

Citrus Square Association
Wilson H. Winnek, President
Boundary: LaBrea to Citrus, Beverly to Third

Fremont Place Association
Patricia Lombard

Hancock Park Homeowners Association Est. 1948
Cindy Chvatal, President
c/o 157 N. Larchmont Blvd., 90004
Boundary: Boundaries: Wilshire to Melrose, Highland to Rossmore

Larchmont Village Neighborhood Association
Charlie D’Atri, President
Boundary: Beverly to Melrose, Arden to Wilton

Miracle Mile Residential Association
Jim O’Sullivan, President
Boundary: Sixth St. to Edgewood Pl., Fairfax to La Brea

Park LaBrea Residents Association
Bernie Clinch, President
Boundary: Garden and tower apartments

Ridgewood-Wilton Neighborhood Association
Kathleen Mulligan, President
Boundary: Third to Beverly, Ridgewood Pl., Wilton Pl., Wilton Dr.

St. Andrews Square Neighborhood Association
Deborah Willis, President
Boundary: Third to Beverly, Gramercy to Manhattan Pl.

Sycamore Square Neighborhood Association
Ann Eggleston, President
Boundary: Wilshire to Olympic, La Brea to Citrus

The LaBrea-Hancock Homeowners’ Association
Fred Pickel, President
Boundary: Wilshire to Third, Sycamore to Citrus

Wilshire Park Association

Lorna Hennington, President

Boundary: Wilshire to Olympic, Wilton to Crenshaw

Windsor Square Association
Larry Guzin, President
Boundary: Wilshire to Beverly, Arden to Van Ness

Windsor Village Community Association
Diane Dicksteen, President
Boundary: Wilshire to Olympic, Lucerne to Lorraine Blvd and Victoria Ave