Wilshire Country Club is turning so brown it’s green

| April 29, 2015 | 1 Comment
A MORE CONSERVATION friendly course is at Wilshire Country Club, 301 N. Rossmore Ave.

A MORE CONSERVATION friendly course is at Wilshire Country Club, 301 N. Rossmore Ave.

Water-saving efforts are moving the ground from the Wilshire Country Club golf course, some 24 acres of turf to be exact.

That’s the amount that has been removed from the course since early January, said Todd Keefer, general manager and chief operating officer.

A host of drought-tolerant plants will replace the water-thirsty grass on about one-quarter of the 98-acre property that spans Melrose to Third, Rossmore to near June.

About 20 varieties of native plants will be placed around the outer perimeters, leaving plenty of grass for the nine-course site. “We will still maintain the integrity of the design and yet have a focus on the drought and do our part,” said Keefer.

The Club, which opened in 1909, has worked with the city Dept. of Water and Power in its conservation efforts which pays $2 per square foot of grass removal.

BLOCKED driveway on Las Palmas.

BLOCKED driveway on Las Palmas.

The program may be saving the city water, but it’s creating a nightmare for a resident on Las Palmas Ave., who says his street is being used as a staging site for trucks and dumpsters hauling concrete and debris from the golf course, two blocks east.

“I have lived here 30 years, and I don’t recall an inconvenience and noise like this. It’s just nerve-wracking,” said David Berger.

Two calls to the Wilshire Country Club only left him on 20-minute holds. Trucks arrive as early as 7:30 a.m., sometimes park in his driveway while loading, he added.

Parking is limited at the historic Country Club’s Rossmore lot, which necessitated some residential use, but any complaints would have been addressed, said Keefer.

The project is expected to be complete this month he added.

By Suzan Filipek

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  1. Zomby Poet says:

    Blame is fine. How about some fixing:

    Stop all new construction in California. Require builders to come up with an independent source of water in order to be able to build. They can purify polluted water or desalinate seawater or get water by whatever legal means necessary but they cannot tap into existing fresh water supplies.

    The builders will solve it to make money.

    All government installations in California–especially military bases–should be required to retrofit their waste water systems to collect gray water, filter it and use it to flush toilets and water the landscape. No fresh water should ever be used by any government agency to flush toilets or water lawns.

    Builders should also be required to institute gray water collection and recycling into their designs.

    There should be no such thing as agricultural runoff. All farmers should be required to capture and recycle all water used in farming.

    No rain water should ever be allowed to reach the sea. It should all be captured, filtered and used for agriculture, to flush toilets or if it can be purified enough to augment the water supply.

    California’s wealthy should live off salt water alone. They have the wealth to pay for the desalination. They need to impress us with their wealth and their concern for others.

    –California Water: Better Drunk than Wasted!

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